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shopping bag made from old jeans

Upcycling project: shopping bag made from old jeans

Last year I sewed some shopping bags. The preferred material is of course old jeans, pictures can be seen here or here .

Recently my friend brought me something in her shopping bag. However, it was so broken that it would not even have been possible to repair it. That’s why I came up with something special as a gift.

Shopping bag A1

As you can see in the picture on the left, the bag was really carried to death. Apparently it is a very perfect size and so I tried to sew the new bag as close as possible to the old one.

Shopping bag A2

The base material is an old pair of jeans of a relatively large size. The legs were cut off and the crotch adjusted accordingly.

Shopping bag A5

So that the purchases can stand well in the bag, I sewed a wide base from part of the trouser leg.

Shopping bag A4

I paid particular attention to the details. The cut-off waistband of another pair of jeans (top right) serves as a closure and part of the trouser leg has been processed as an inside pocket (bottom left), which can be closed with a button.

I particularly like the back with the embroidered pocket (picture below right). The pendant with the shopping trolley coin is very practical (picture above left).

there is a lot going on!

there is a lot going on!

I “restored” the original straps from the old bag and sewed them onto the new bag.

you can also make them very small

you can also make them very small

The shopping bag can also be made very small by simply rolling it together and wrapping it with the straps. So it fits into the handbag and is always at hand when you need it. With this contribution I take part in the link party “Nix Plastik” by 123-Nadelei . With the promotional shopping bag made of plastic? No thanks. she would like to make a contribution to avoid plastic bags. The topic is also topical at Schiller’s Platzli . The campaign started with the contribution NO to PLASTIK – JA zu STOFF . Here you will find the information about the link party and I am taking this post in the current month of May

Shopping bag A collage

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