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Images of Cute Tan Purse - Trapeze tan purse
Images of Cute Tan Purse - Trapeze tan purse

tan purse

Leather is the tanned or dressed hide of an animal, usually without the hair or fur. The process of tanning makes the hide flexible and prevents it from decaying. Many products are made out of leather, one of them being purses. Leather purses either are handmade or made at factories using machines. The tanning process has evolved from the ancient process of skinning, which required greater thickness of the flesh off animals.

Modern process uses pelting the hair of animals with the help of lime and then fleshing and cleaning. Fat is used later to ensure pliability. There are various types of leather available in the market. The types are classified depending upon which animal it is obtained from and the finish of the hide. Moroccan leather, which is made out of goatskin, is characterized by grains that are obtained during the rubbing of the leather. Wallets and purses made out of this leather have a unique finish.

Russian leather has a unique scent and is processed with birch leaves for the bright red color. It is treated with vegetable oils to make it flexible. Glazing is another technique used to give the leather a smooth finish. Spanish leather is known to be smooth and colored with dyes. The softness of the leather enables purse makers to make purses of intricate designs.

Artificial leather is originally made from strong fabrics that are coated with synthetic material. The synthetic material that is used is vinyl polymers. These are also commonly used to make purses that are lower in cost. The costs of purses made out of original leather are much higher as the process of tanning and treating skin is expensive. Designer leather purses are exclusively made and each piece has a unique design. Leather purses play an important role in the fashion industry and there are designer stores that have purses of all styles and for all budgets on display.


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