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Silk Women’s Clothing – A Woman’s Sexy Weapon

We women know that different fabrics have their own distinct personality and that the fiber, weave, texture, and the feel when touched and to our skin as well as the pattern and color all make-up part of the mood and emotions we feel when we wear it. In many cases it is the fabric that inspires the design.

And if there is one fabric that simply says “sex”, it is silk and I must admit that silk fabric will always hold that special feeling for me. As my girlfriend said, silk women’s clothing is the sexiest of weapons.

To look at and to touch the surface of silk clothing is so smooth and alluring. It is like the best skin – especially on hot summer days where the nature and texture of the fabric helps women to feel clean, airy and comfortable. Silk breathes whereas nylons and many other fabrics simply do not.

Just like the unique shimmering of a pearl, adding to the mystery and attractiveness, silk as a garment flows gently, coolly and with elegance and makes a statement about the mystery of the woman wearing it. We women know when we look great and we know how our look feeds-back into our feeling and self-worth. When I look great I feel great, and the World around me knows it too. And when I move, the draped silk fabric flows with me and if by occasion, my dress or blouse does expose some part of body – my skin is highlighted by the contrast of the silk fabric.

Another girlfriend, a Chinese woman and she is a very sexy woman, told me her story that every time when she dates a new man she celebrates the occasion by wearing a new silk garment – either blouse or dress. That in it-self I found interesting, but then she revealed that after buying the silk garment from the shop for her impending date that she has it altered to fit her body tightly to accentuate the shape of her figure as much as possible. When I commented that it must then be difficult to walk with it so tight-fitting, she replied “no darling, it’s nearly impossible to breathe”.

We agreed that it was not practical for every-day life, and that such tight-fitting silk women’s clothing negate the flowing qualities of silk, my friend explained that it was her secret sexy weapon to attract her man; that her tight-fitting silk was to her a second skin and that if she does like the man after this date, she makes him tear it from her body as her celebration of victory.

Of course I am very happy she is my customer and that she not yet found her future husband.

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