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How To Sew A Zipper Coin Purse

This smart outline makes a completely lined, zippered coin handbag. Brisk and simple to make; anyway some zipper establishment aptitude is essential. Utilize a fat quarter for the external shell. Fusible downy gives the coin handbag simply the appropriate measure of firmness. Mitered corners make a pleasant level base for the satchel.

The satchel can be made any size. Make an extensive tote to use as a tote – simply include handles. The bearings on this instructional exercise make the size expressed above (completed roughly 4″ x 6″).

Coin Purse Size

General size: Size around 4″ x 6″



External Shell: 2 bits of 4.5″ x 6.5″ texture

Covering: 2 bits of 4.5″ x 6.5″ texture

Zipper Tabs: 2 bits of 1″ x 3″ texture (same texture as external shell)

*Fusible Fleece: 2 pieces 4″ x 6″

*batting can be utilized rather than fusible wool; I utilize fusible downy for pretty much everything

Zipper: no less than 5″ (can be longer – it will be trimmed)

All creases are 1/4″.


string to coordinate foundation of texture

huge sewing ruler (discretionary yet decent to have)

scissors or turning shaper with cutting mat


I loved my first coin handbag so much that I chose to make one for my mom for Mother’s Day. I picked the second arrangement of textures for her tote. The purple spotted print makes a pleasant differentiation lining.

textures for coin satchel textures for coin tote


Make Zipper Piece With End Tabs

1. Overlay the tab crosswise over with the goal that it quantifies 1″ x 1.5″, wrong sides together. Press.

2. join coin satchel zipper Lay your zipper right side up. Unfasten the zipper part way. Stick with the collapsed end toward the zipper pull. Line over the collapsed end, near the crease. My photo demonstrates a shorter tab. In the wake of making a couple of these totes I chose to make the tab slightly more. Your collapsed tab will be 1.5″ x 1″, instead of square (the tab indicated is 1″ x 1″).

3. Measure 4.5″ from the collapsed edge of the tab you simply sewed. Place the second collapsed tabl on the contrary end so that there is a 4.5″ length of zipper between the two tabs. Join over the zipper teeth a few times to make a protected zipper stop.

trim coin handbag zipper 4. Trim off the zipper closes near the texture tab. Do this for each finish of the zipper. The tab indicated is from my second satchel. The following photograph demonstrates the wrong side of the zipper, with the finishes trimmed off.

trim zipper closes

check zipper length 1. Lay the zipper unit right side up. Lay one external shell piece right side up. Your tabs will stretch out past the principle shell piece. That is OK – we will trim it later. This progression is to check to make sure the zipper falls inside the length of your primary shell length. It isn’t significant to what extent the zipper is; you simply should make sure the zipper territory takes into consideration a 1/4″ crease remittance on each end. Also I like the tab to be 1/2″ when the satchel is done (sides are sewed together). You can see this best in the photograph at the highest point of the page – the yellow flower satchel. Notice the tab covers the finish of the zipper roughly 1/2″. I think it makes a pleasant wrap up.

2. Flip the primary shell piece over (wrong side down) and line up the upper crude edge with the upper edge of the zipper piece. Stick. Fasten over the upper edge, right sides togethe, utilizing a zipper foot. I line roughly somewhere between the edge and the zipper teeth, and I utilize a somewhat longer join length. Unfasten and hurdle as required as you fasten over.

press external handbag shell 3. Flip the shell piece right side up. Press, being mindful so as not to dissolve the zipper.

4. Rehash on the opposide side of the zipper, utilizing the second shell piece.

external shell satchel completed external shell tote wrapped up

Make Lining

fasten handbag lining 1. Lay the piece wrong side up. Crease the upper shell piece down with the goal that both external shell pieces are far from the zipper. The zipper piece is along the best. Stick one coating piece, right half of covering to wrong side of zipper piece, along the upper edge. Line over, sewing over past fasten line. On the off chance that you fasten from the zipper side you can see your past join line. Sewing is upgraded in red in the photograph.

Open coating piece. Press open.

join tote lining 2. Press both external shell and coating open.

Rehash stages one and two for the second bit of coating on the opposite side of the zipper.

Connect Fusible Fleece

connect downy to coating 1. Orchestrate layers so one arranging piece isn’t right side on your work space. Every other layer are collapsed up off the beaten path.

Lay a bit of fusible wool, cement side down, finished the wrong side of the coating piece. Press into put following the producer’s guidelines. Rehash with the second coating piece.

Complete Your Purse

1. Unfasten the zipper. Overlap the handbag right sides together. The zipper will be along the highest point of the satchel and the correct side of the coating will be the outside layer. Fasten the two sides and base, utilizing a 1/4″ crease.

serge creases 2. Complete the creases. Include crease official or serge the crease edges.

3. Miter the corners now.


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