The practical hooded scarf is a real eye-catcher. Because it has sleeves, it can be worn as a bolero or scarf and is a great accessory for the cold season. Lana Grossa has prepared the instructions for you, we will show you how to knit the stole.

For information on the mesh sample, the abbreviation explanation and the knitting font, see the instructions above for instant download.


Size :

Size 36-40, back length about 60 cm incl hood.

Knitting tension:

In the basic pattern with Nd. No 8.0 mm yield slightly stretched 15 M and 20 rows 10 cm x 10 cm.


1: 1 Rib: Alternate 1 st on the right and 1 st on the left.

Edge stitch:

Smooth edge: 1. Take off the stitch of each R, the last M of each R according to the pattern.


With beige knit # 8.0 mm 101 sts and basic pattern 1: 1 rib str. Start with a back-R with an M on the left and end. 5 cm in basic pattern str.


We picked up on the right edge in Hin-R by the 9.-11. Stretched out in stocking sts: take off 1 st, then knit the next 2 sts on right, then pull off the raised sts over the garments. Adhere to the following acceptance rhythm: 1st round: 3 sts. 3rd R: do not lose weight. 5. R: 3 M add. 7. R: do not lose weight. 9. R: do not lose weight. So in 10 R 4 M are removed. 1st-10th R total 8 times wdh. Continue over 69 sts 6 cm. Mark here the front center.

Counterpart part:

Then start the second part. Continue 6 cm, then start with the Zun on the left edge. In the same rhythm as abgen was. It is done by tripling the 9th-final st at M (triple M, then 8 sts). Stitch out of an M 3 st, alternating sts from the front and back into the sts. Arrange M according to the pattern. Are again 101 sts on the nd 6 cm str. Then cast off all sts loose.


With the knitting needle No. 6,0 mm 40 sts and 5 cm in the basic pattern str. Then to Nd. Change 8,0 mm and continue in the basic pattern up to a total height of 38 cm. Bind off all sts very loose. The shape of the sleeve results from the needles smaller below and the slot left open at the top. The 2nd sleeve is identical


Close the longitudinal seam of the sleeve in the mattress stitch, leaving the upper 5 cm open. Turn the upper part in the front center 1x and sew the stop edge with the chipped edge together. The right and left sides of the goods abut each other. From the back center (the seam) in the direction of the front center measure 11 cm on both sides – point A in the sketch – and mark. Sew on the sleeve from here towards the front. Same procedure on the 2nd page.


Sew all threads.

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