Ladies Bags – New Tendencies

oday’s world is beautiful in its diversity of styles and tendencies, and every little thing we do or face every day bears a great touch of personal attitudes, no matter what we speak about, either about your outfit and your footwear, or accessories you choose to make your image complete. ...

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Amigurumi Crochet Owl Free Pattern

Compact 4 Amigurumi Crochet Owl Free Pattern

I present to you my little buhito. I have placed it in the rearview mirror of my car where it is very funny and is knocking from side to side. It measures about 7cm. I have made the eyes with the hot silicone drop technique. Amigurumi Crochet Owl Free Pattern ...

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Purchase Ladies Designer Baggage With Care

Ladies love designer purses. It’s their inseparable companion every time they exit of the home – to go to work, to the mall, to church, to lunch out, wherever. It gives a contact of fashion to all the pieces you put on. Ladies designer purses exhibit your sense of style ...

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Ten Fashion Tips for Choosing and Using Bags

  If there were no bags for carrying our daily necessities, I would assume that not many of us could live with that. But it would be so boring if we just pay attention to its function while neglecting its appearance, especially in the light of today’s fashion criterion. So ...

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KNIGHT HELMET PATTERN The bottom for this hat comes from this wonderful Dinosaur Hat from Stitched.  I switched out the spikes for the pink piece within the again, and adjusted the ear piece to be a little bit extra sq.. Then I added a entrance piece with buttons that may flip ...

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