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How to make bag from old jeans

Pants, pants the mystical jeans; the more you wear them, the better you move (right?). Also, once your moving shoes have hit the rack and it’s the ideal opportunity for some jeans, you can take the old match and upcycle them. Today we’re working with Cotton to transform a couple of pants into two unique undertakings — a weekender pack and two or three cushions. We are so eager to impart these ventures to you! We may even begin moving 🙂


– utilized pants (one sets for each task)

– utilized belts (two for the weekender sack, a couple for the cushion)

– bolts


– texture scissors

– scissors

– sewing machine

– drill

– pound

– estimating tape

– pins

The key here is ensuring you utilize pants that are made out of cotton-rich denim, as most pants seem to be. Simply make sure you don’t wind up with something that has a considerable measure of stretch in it!


Weekender Bag

This pack is strong and in vogue and super simple to make. All you require are a couple of essential sewing aptitudes and you’ll have the capacity to whip one out.

Spread out your cotton-rich denim pants and cut off one leg at 19 inches. Cut down the crease and unfurl the texture. Do a similar thing to the next trouser leg and afterward put them over each other. Along the base of the texture measure a 10-inch area right in the inside. Cut up towards the best corners at a point. You’ll end up with a trapezoid.

Next cut out the sides and base of the sack. Measure and cut the best piece of one trouser leg at 19 inches. Cut up the crease and unfurl the leg simply as you improved the situation the substance of the sack. At that point measure and cut out two long square shapes that are 3 ½ x 19 inches. For the base, rehash this procedure however cut one strip that is 3 ½ x 11 inches (this gives you an additional inch for the crease).

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to stick this little dog. We chose to utilize within the pants as the outside of the sack, yet you can utilize whichever side you need (or both on the off chance that you need to blend it up). Stick your pack together. Keep in mind the after you sew you will flip the pack back to front, so make sure to stick your sack with the back to front. Once the pack is prepared to go, get sewing! After it’s sewn, flip it back to front. Time to include the ties.

Get your belts, borer, sledge and bolts. Place your belt on one side of the sack and cut an opening with your drill precisely where you need to your bolt to be. Include the male side of the bolt, pushing it through both the belt and texture. At that point add the female side to the back. Give it a decent whack with your sledge. Add more bolts to anchor the belt. We utilized four however you can include the same number of as you need. Fasten a second belt to the opposite side and you’re finished!

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