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Little Girls’ Clothing

Once upon a time little girls were expected to sit quietly, watching their brothers play but not joining in. Fortunately those days are gone and little girls’ clothing is designed for comfort, practicality and style. Girl’s clothes allow them to engage in whatever activity they want.

Dresses can be gorgeous and every little princess has a few in their cupboard. Lightweight and cool for summer, and still standard wear for parties or more formal occasions, the dress remains a winner in all or wardrobes, whether we’re six or sixty. But for everyday wear and the rough and tumble of children’s games, the dress isn’t the most practical choice. Even little girls can be sensitive about showing their underwear and a dress is not ideal for climbing trees or cavorting on the jungle gym. Excess fabric that can snag can even be dangerous.

For maximum comfort, some of the fashion staples of the last few decades are perfect for little girls. They are the t-shirt or sweatshirt, leggings and denim jeans. As well as being economical to buy and replace if they get ripped, these fashion items are easy to wash and dry and are suitable for most occasions. Little girls (or their parents) who like a feminine look don’t have to sacrifice it in these practical outfits. The girly look can always be accentuated with pastel colors or by adding jewelry or a floral hat. Luckily, the idea that jeans are boyish is long dead.

The unisex look is also high fashion. Most parents want their daughters to receive the same treatment and privileges as their sons. Clothes signal that equality. These days little girls can aspire to being athletes or race car drivers. Bomber jackets and cargo trousers are ideal for active little girls. All those pockets can be useful too – more convenient for kid’s trinkets.

All kids like dressing up in fancy clothes. They are a chance to adopt different personas and experiment with different aspects of our personality. Girls can express their sporty, physical side one day and their princess persona another. It’s all part of growing up.

Sometimes parents may be more concerned with style and fashion than their daughters, but whoever the family style guru is, looking ‘now’ is about breaking with convention. Dresses don’t have to be pink and frothy, as the popularity of practical denim dresses shows. A jersey knit shift dress in a camouflage print makes a fashion statement. Kids love to break the rules and clothes are a harmless and constructive way to do that.

Lacy dresses can be beautiful but every little girl needs a range of outfits that she can use to express her personality and moods.


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