Sunny autumn days invite you to take a walk through nature. So that you can really enjoy and the offspring does not catch a cold, it is hot pack. This is wonderful with cuddly baby boots that are knitted in a jiffy.


You need knitting needles of strength 3, a ball of soft baby wool suitable for this needle size, a balance of wool in a nice contrasting color, a blunt darning needle and a pair of cuddly insoles that have rubber on one side and a fluffy surface on the other side ,
The mesh size of the wool gives 22 meshes in width and 28 rows in height for a 10 x 10 cm square.
(Wool suggestion: rico baby classic dk in color 42 and 34)

Casting on

To get a 5,5 cm wide strip, hit 12 stitches and then knit tightly to the right to a height of 23 cm.

Finish stripes

Hang a long thread on the narrow edges of your knitted strip, which you can then use to stitch the two ends of the strip together.

Shoe shape

Lay the two narrow sides of the strip over each other so that they make a right angle at the top opening. The corner, which arises at the lower edge, you simply fold inwards and sew everything tight, in order to get a nice curve at the front of the shoe. Close the vertical edge only up to the yellow pin marking, then the shoes can be tightened afterwards.


Then, depending on your mood, you can embroider patterns on the shoes with the blunt needle and contrasting wool.

Cut soles

Then take one of the insoles and use the DaWanda pattern, which you can download above, as a template to paint on the rubber side of the sole the mini soles for the baby shoes. Cut out parts A and B afterwards.


Sew on soles

Finally, the soles are sewn to the lower edge of the knitted shoe upper. This works very well with the buttonhole stitch.

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