For a little anticipation of the upcoming cold season, Anette von Lebenslustiger shows you a knitting pattern for a really cozy and thick hat. She makes her caps with the Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn and has used a 36 meter ball for an adult and a kids cap.


Beanie for adults – 1st round

Hit 18 stitches for the first round. To stop the stitches you need about 3 m (so 1.50 m double lay and hit it). Do not hit so tight and tight because the yarn is very thick and the needles are relatively thin. Anyway should always be knitted loose with this wool. When the circle is closed, take care that nothing is twisted.


Round 2 – 10: Knit right

Now knit the 2nd to the 10th round on the right. For the 11th round, knit 2 times, leaving 9 stitches. The knitting is sometimes a bit stubborn, if you did not knit enough loose. But with a bit of feeling, you get it very well.


Cut off and pull through stitches

Now cut the yarn with an approximately 15 cm long end and simply pull through the remaining 9 stitches. A little further down the kids cap is a good top view photo.


Finishing the adult hat

Tight tighten and, if the length of the end allows, thread through all the stitches again to make a nice finish. Lead the end inwards and knot it tightly. Also, interweave the end of the stitch stop slightly, pass inside, and knot tight and flat.


Children’s cap with pompom

1st round: Cast on 16 stitches – for this you need about 2.80 m of yarn (then taken halfway to hit) 2nd round – 9th round: knit right 10th round: always knit 2 together (8) Completely complete in the same way, like the cap for adults.


Make Bommel

Lay approx. 15-16 cm long figure-eight loops with the remaining yarn and bind firmly in the middle with a stable thread. Do not cut thread yet


Attach pompom

Place the bobble on the cap, guide the threads inside the cap and knot them tightly together. And now have fun with it!

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