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Knit Booties in 15 minutes – Tutorial

15-minute dowry booties


How about making a 15-minute dowry booties, which is quite easy and beautiful, and the bootie model We offer our booties model, which is very suitable for our feet in 15 minutes of preparation, whether for dowry or daily use.

Knitting booties are among the favorite handcrafts of our ladies. When it is a very popular handcrafted booties model , we continue to offer different booties models that are beautiful, stylish and easy to make.

Our ladies making booties model and selling them will be a beautiful model. Our 15-minute dowry booties sample is the easiest bootie model for our friends who want easy booties. Pages from each other in our beautiful booties models you will find n. Or you can reach it by clicking the links in our article. Goodbye, hope to be together again in new beautiful booties models ..

15-minute dowry booties

15 minutes booties model

Suitable for size 37-37 feet.

Ingredients 1 soft viburnum flora booties are preferred.

It is preferred to use the number 3 skewer.

Starting 99 loops 24 rows always flat knitting (haroşa) Loop separations 48 right 3 middle 48 left We go over the middle loops and we turn it straight by taking 1 loop at each exit. and we sew the heel and finish our booties. I present my wishes to our friends who want to make it easy.

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