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I haven’t knitted baby booties for a long time, but now there are possibilities …

Starting with the sole of the foot:

Cast on needle 1 = 14 stitches.
Knit in rows… .1M left. 1M right

Height approx. 10 cm, so that you can take up 18 stitches from each of the long sides and another 14 stitches on the short side. = 64 stitches
( needle 2 18 stitches, needle 3 14 stitches heel, needle 4 18 stitches


Continue the round of 64 stitches.

2 rounds only right stitches,
2 rounds only left stitches,
including three sets of samples
then another round of only right stitches.

The needles for the heel and for the long sides are shut down. (Needles 2 , 3 , 4 )

You are now knitting for the back of the foot, needle 1 over the 14 stitches.
Here you can either knit the back of the foot completely and then sew on the long sides with the stitches on the needle (needles 2 and 3 ), or you can knit a row over the 14 stitches and knit the last stitch with the first stitch of the side part , Needle 2 or 3 , together.

So you have a wonderful clean edge. I knitted the back of my foot until I had 10 stitches on needles 2 and 3   (formerly 18 stitches).

So from now on I have 14 backs of needles 4 , 2 x 10 stitches needles 2 and 3 , and another 14 stitches from the heel part of needle 4 .

I now knit the leg over these 48 stitches. I knitted alternate right stitches in a simple cuff pattern.

The height is determined individually and certainly depends on whether you want to turn the leg or not.

There is no limit to your imagination in colors and patterns.


Of course you can also start with the leg. So you cast on 48 stitches, knit the leg to the desired height.

Conn. one round of right stitches only.
First work the back of the foot, just go backwards 🙂
I will take photos and publish at the next knitted shoe .
The combination of shoes and socks is very nice.🙂

I hope you liked my little guide, you could follow my instructions and get started.

I wish you lots of fun.

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