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Knit knitting booties for beginners

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Knit knitting booties for beginners

Simple and versatile booties, which is described, suitable for beginners masters. Work begins on top of the 5-needle circular knitting. Used patterns: garter-knit, the front surface and the gum 1 by 1.

The following are photos for beginners and stages:

  • The spokes need to score 37 of the loops and to close the circle, provyazat together extreme loop. In the circle should have 36 loops 9 on each needle.
  • Knit 12 rows elastic 1-on-1.
  • Completes the upper part of the booties some with holes for threading the cords. His alternating knit 2 stitches together, 1 front, yo.
  • Now knitting the front loops 11 garter viscous 18 rows. This toe.

  • On the sides of the toe to raise the 9 loops and knit across all 4 needles in a circle in garter viscous 10 rows.

  • Then knit the sole of the front 11 of the loops in each row capturing 1 loop with side spokes.
  • Loop heel and sole to purl 2 together.

  • It remains only to decorate baby booties, thread a string or ribbon.

Of these schemes, and the description you can make with your own hands the perfect knitted shoes newborn boy or girl.

Good help for beginners will be video tutorials, as they show in detail how to remove stitches or making increases where to put the markers and change the direction of the work, other little things that are obvious to the experienced technician, but incomprehensible to the beginner. But such lessons can safely start any model bootees knitting for newborns.

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