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DIY Emoji Pillows

Cushions are one of the commonest things in this Emoji theme and a few children demand having no less than a couple of Emoji pads in their room due to its cute parade. You can make these pads in both sewed and unstitched shapes.

The most effective method to make emoticon pads

At first bring 2 yards of feeling or delicate garments in the yellow shade and choose what sort of feeling you need to create on your Emoji.

Presently, overlap the felt from the center, take an unmistakable hover shape on the yellow piece with a wide round protest like ball or bowl and afterward, cut the hover out from the entire piece and you will get two comparative circles in your grasp to complete the cushion.

Utilize one piece as Emoji front and the rest one as the rear of your cushion. From that point forward, sew those two pieces up from the edges and leave a little part to load up stuffing from that side.

Presently, subsequent to getting in some supple stuff inside the pad base, sew the open part up.

At long last take a profound dark marker and make your coveted face over the yellow surface and complete the Emoji. A few people need to make the face more tough, so they can utilize a few bits of dark felts to make the outward appearance in such cases!


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