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Wonderful children’s clothing storage ideas

Space is often limited when you have small children and it is not uncommon for many brothers and sisters to share a bedroom. Sharing a room can be a fun childhood experience, but it can also be difficult as children grow and develop their own personalities and tastes. It can ...

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Baby Clothes Selection Tips

If you are a neophyte parent of a newborn baby, for sure, there are questions boggling on your mind on how to purchase baby items and accessories. You probably ask what types of clothes to buy for your baby? What type of material to choose? What sizes and color to ...

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Accessories for the cloud … a muslin neckerchief, a hat made of jers

Accessories for the cloud … a muslin neckerchief , a hat made of jersey and one made of muslin, as well as three pacifier straps made of fine cord, cotton and muslin. In addition, a nursing necklace made of wood and silicone beads These beautiful things are already in use. Only the neckerchief is still a bit big, but that’s where ...

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unique children’s fashion – self-sewn

Since we are already sorely missed here – finally a sign of life from us 😉 We are doing well – very well indeed. Unfortunately, time flies much, much too quickly! Our little princess has been here for 10 months now – have a look – eating cake is her newest passion ...

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How to Economize On Baby Clothes

The sheer excitement of having a baby prompts everyone to spend lavishly on baby clothes for the new arrival but the fun is short lived as even the costliest of clothes become small for the fast-growing baby in a few months’ time. The baby might have worn these expensive clothes ...

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WURMI” – A GRASPING TOY CONQUERS CHILDREN’S HANDS You also remembered Wurmi? If not then here to the origin story (click) . Wurmi is the ideal souvenir for every baby and made really quickly. I’ve already given away a lot of it and always got positive feedback. And so that you can also maybe make ...

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